2013 and 2014 GOLDEN HEART® Finalist

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy News Today!

Love this guy-- doing the contest final strut!

It's been a crummy winter weather-wise in New England, which means it's been great writing-wise. Nothing tempting me to go outdoors and waste all that good writing time, no sir. I completed two new novels during all that indoor-time, and today I got a nice little payoff... the first contest final for my first New Adult book, CHANNEL TWENTYSOMETHING!

The first book in my contemporary New Adult series is now a finalist in the prestigious Fire and Ice contest sponsored by the Chicago North RWA chapter. I'm so excited to see CHANNEL TWENTYSOMETHING get a little love. I mean I love it, but you never know how others, especially other authors and contest judges will respond to your work. And my previous books were Young Adult, so it's fun (and reassuring) to final in a new category.

I'm grateful to the authors who took time to read and judge all the entries. Can't wait to learn the final results next month. They'll be announced at the Spring Fling conference which takes place April 25-26 in Chicago. http://chicagospringfling.com/

Next week RWA National will announce this year's Golden Heart finalists. Maybe the Luck O' the Irish will hang around a few more days...