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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Author/blogger Brenda Drake is running a clever and exciting challenge this month on her blog Brenda Drake Writes . The PITCH LIVE! video pitch contest/blogfest offers authors the chance to pitch their Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Grade Fiction manuscripts to agents.

The idea is to talk about your book just as you would if you ran into an agent at a conference, except this time you get to record it, so you have as many chances as you need to get it just right and edit if necessary.

Check out Brenda's blog for tips on making your own video pitch and to sign up for PITCH LIVE! The deadline to register is October 15. Thanks for watching my pitch, and good luck on yours!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moonlight Magnolias and Magic

There she is... the Maggie Medallion.

I'm still recovering from the weekend's GRW Moonlight and Magnolias conference in Atlanta, and no, I did not overindulge. It's more of a delirious-joy-hangover situation.

First of all, it was an amazing conference with around forty workshops so good I wished I could clone myself and attend two at once. In case you're wondering, Julia Quinn is adorable. Next, I don't think I've ever met a nicer, more welcoming group of women. I can report that Southern hospitality is alive and well in Georgia. I made many new writer friends and benefitted from the advice and help of several of the established authors in the group. And it keeps getting better...

I got a chance to pitch again. Several chances actually, and it went ever so much better than my first pitching experience a few months ago. For the gory details on that,  go here... if you dare.

This time I was more prepared and received three requests for my full manuscript. I was ready to call it the perfect weekend at that, but wait-- there's more.

I WON A MAGGIE!  My paranormal romance Hidden Deep placed first in the unpublished YA category. It was announced at the awards banquet Saturday night. I cringe a little bit when I think of my effusive response on stage after receiving my award and hope everyone understands that it was only because I WON A MAGGIE!

Mine was the last category to be announced, and I ran out the door almost immediately afterward to visit with my lifelong best friend, whom I rarely get to see, and who'd been patiently waiting in her car for me outside the conference center for an hour at that point. But I want to say again to everyone associated with putting on this wonderful conference: thank you for everything. I'll be back! And, did anyone happen to find a glass slipper?