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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On Never Giving Up

photo by d.drenth

I recently attended the Ozarks Romance Writers 25th annual writing conference, and multi-published awesome author Rob Thurman was there, participating in an agent-author panel and leading critique groups.

She talked about her own road to publication, which I found really inspiring. Robyn had completed her first manuscript and knew she wanted a literary agent. So she sent her query letter to every agent in the book. Literally.

She queried hundreds of agents and then editors at all the publishing houses. Nobody was interested. I think most writers would quit after that many no’s. But Robyn didn’t quit. She just changed the name of her book, changed her own name so no one would realize she was re-sending the same manuscript. And she re-sent the same manuscript. To everyone. Every publisher, every agent. And one said yes.

Now she has a great relationship with her agent and is a best-selling author with three book series published and a new novel about to be released (I got the read the excerpt of All-Seeing Eye, and it’s great). That first well-traveled, much-rejected book? It became the first in a SEVEN part series. Robyn’s story gives me courage to believe in my book and never give up. Hope it does the same for you. Keep writing and good luck!

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