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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Writing Roundup

Our top story today... sorry, my news roots are showing.  But I do want to start the writing links roundup with a site every writer should at least visit.  Author Brenda Novak has so many goodies here for writers, readers, and just about anyone else that it's almost hard to get away from her charity auction site once you get there.  I won two of the auctions last year and was able to get amazing critiques from two of the top agents in the business. 

Check out what's up for bids this year:  http://brendanovak.auctionanything.com/ 

More goodness from author Janice Hardy in her helpful series on becoming a more productive writer:

The Other Side of the Story: Forge Ahead: Ways to be a More Productive Writer, Part 4

This is good info for those of us in the query phase:  http://www.roniloren.com/blog/2012/5/23/what-will-make-an-agent-gong-your-pages.html

This is just brilliant and simplifies what a critique partner is and is NOT : http://www.yahighway.com/2012/03/strictly-objective-critique-partner.html 

Good info here from the DFW writers conference:


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