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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wednesday Writing Roundup

I have to start today with a big Woo Hoo!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've recently entered a few writing contests for the first time, and even before the first word was judged, I got so much benefit from the fire-under-my-heinie aspect of contest participation.

But this is even better:  I'm a finalist!  I know, it's not winning (yet!), and maybe I never will win one, but it's just so cool to receive that little bit of validation that (a) I'm not completely wasting my time day after day, and (b) I'm on the right track toward my goal of having my novel published.

If you're published already, you're sagely nodding and giving me an indulgent grin, and if you're like me and trying to get an agent and see that first book published... give contests a try! 

Ok... now to some really helpful writing articles I've found this week.  Hope they help you, too!

You can't write a great query unless you can answer this: What Is A Plot Catalyst?

Ooooh good one! 3 Chapter Critique from Janice Hardy

Why It's Important To Understand the News Cycle from the always-funny Speech Writer Guy

How to Keep Writing When ... Um... "It" Hits the Fan

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