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Friday, May 4, 2012

Promotional Points- Pink Power!

What's more effective than using a promotional product like chocolate or bookmarks or custom microfiber cloths to promote your books?  Using LOTS of promotional products together!

I recently attended a book-signing in Rhode Island for new author Jackie Hennessey and her humorous gift book for moms,  How to Spread Sanity On A Cracker.

 Jackie has a PR background, and it shows.  She's self-pubbed, and that makes it even more valuable that she understands how to present an attractive, professional image and a pulled-together promotional campaign.

Jackie used social media to spread the word beforehand, and when people arrived, they saw a colorful, cohesive presentation that drew them in.  It was attractive, coordinated, and just plain looked like fun. Here's a look at her setup:

At Barrington Books in Barrington, RI

Obviously, Jackie's a big fan of pink, and the color matches the content of her vibrant, fun, mommy-commiseration-and-recipe-filled book.  She used several different promotional products to set the scene: a table cover that matched her book's cover art, bookmarks that did the same, a poster, and custom-imprinted mints that readers could take home with them and continue to enjoy after the event was over. 

She also added attractive extras like color-coordinated floral arrangements on the table, a looping video playing on a tabletop tablet, pretty foil-wrapped chocolates (always a good idea!)  and even brought along some chips and cheese dips made from recipes found in the book.

Jackie (with her biggest fans) and her setup in another location

It all makes for a fun scene and shows Jackie in the best light.  She presents herself as "the real deal", and let's not kid ourselves, if people don't like the packaging, they're not buying the package. That's why publishers work so hard to make sure book covers present an alluring, intriguing image. Right? Promotional products customized to your book take that one step further, surrounding your public appearances (and you!)  in that image as well.

How can you apply a little Pink Power (or blue, or red, or zombie-greenish-gray) to your book promotions?  Good luck and keep writing.

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