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Friday, April 27, 2012

Promotional Points- How Chocolate Can Sell Books

Part of my job as host of  The Industry Show is attending the major promotional products tradeshows.  There, I work with our videographer filming and hosting videos with suppliers at their booths, which they can then use on their websites, post on YouTube, or email to their customers.

I've learned a lot about the promotional products industry at these "shows", as they're called.  But I've also learned something about human nature, and it is this: 

Chocolate Draws a Crowd.

There are quite a few promotional suppliers who specialize in food gifts or custom-labeled food products, including chocolate, and naturally, these suppliers bring a huge supply of samples to give away. They are never lonely.

But I've noticed many other suppliers putting out bowls of individually wrapped chocolates somewhere near the front of their booth displays, even if they're selling umbrellas or customized jewelry, or sports pennants and noisemakers.  Why?  They want TRAFFIC in their booths... and... Chocolate Draws a Crowd. 

So why not use that fact-of-life in promoting your books?  Custom chocolates are small, lightweight, easy to transport, inexpensive, and .... they're chocolate.  What's not to like?

Here are a couple of possibilities: 

Belgian chocolate squares with Custom Imprinted Wrappers:

Imagine having these imprinted to look just like your book jacket.  Cover image on the front, your website info and perhaps your other titles on the back. They come in varieties like milk, chocolate, mint, dark, raspberry, milk caramel, toffee and smores.  Yummy!

Or... check out these chocolate coins:

Available in milk, dark, or mint, these foil covered chocolate coins
can be embossed with your book title and even an image from your cover.

So, would you like to draw a crowd at your next book-signing?  I might as
well ask if people like chocolate.  A little chocolate-flavored lure certainly
 couldn't hurt, and most people will feel like they should at least speak to you
 or pick up your book and check out the cover while they're enjoying the free
 treat.  At the very least, meeting you will leave them with a sweet taste in their
mouths.  Have a great weekend and keep writing!

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